Simplify the process of Tracking

Trackfly helps you to manage all your salesman from a single place. Connect to your sales people from anywhere anytime. Get customized reports and analytics as you wish.

Trackfly comes with the simplest way to track your salesmen. Easy access to daily travel reports and get sales report in real-time. View daily sales reports from anywhere. DSR submission made most simple. Add new appointments in just one click.

Manage your sales team from anywhere

Trackfly helps you to manage all of your sale people from a single point. With the help of our Android and iOS apps and web platform, you can manage your sales team on the fly.

Reports on the fly

You can monitor the reports in real time. Get customized reports from our dashboard. You will get instant status of each appointment on our mobile and web apps.

Advanced tracking

Let's do the work. We will manage all of your appintments, time schedules, location information on each business etc. Our customized time reports gives you a better understanding.

Features that you can't miss

  • Manage appointments

    Add appointment anytime. Add the response of a meeting and send it to the manager anytime. Get automated sales reports anytime. Company database pre-loaded.

  • Mark the response

    You can easily add the response of a meeting whether it is positive or negative and add comments at the end. This will help both Salespeople and Manager to get an idea of the particular appointment.

  • Reports for the manager

    Manager could see the sales reports any time when they mark an appointment as met. Daily Travel Report in the summary of the travelled locations, time, distance etc by the salespeople

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