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What is trackfly?

Trackfly is an app that can be used to track your sales people and manage the team. The app automates the workflow of creating, managing and reporting of appointments. Our location based monitoring of sales people helps to improve productivity.

Why do we use it?

Know where your sales people are going. Fly over them using Trackfly and keep an eye on them. Yes, spreadsheets are good but we automate the process and give you the right information. And our analytics helps you to take a better decision.

How do we use it?

It's very easy. Just sign up as a company on Trackfly and there you go. You can add managers and salesman through our web app. By downloading the apps from Google play or App store,managers and salesman could login to their account.

Where can i get it?

Trackfly is available on Android and iOS platforms through their app stores. Also, a dedicated web app there to help you. You can access it from anywhere.

Can I try it as a trial?

Yes. You can try out Trackfly. Request a demo now. Our team will contact you and arrange the demo.